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To Educate Women is to Educate Generations.

With each passing year the number of students seeking admission on various programmes keeps growing. The aspiring students are shaped in such away that they can face the challenges of the professional world

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Benefits of Attending Mahalashmi College

Career Success

MWC encourages students to speak up in class to develop their confidence by interacting with seniors and other departments.

Safe Space

MWC has historically been a source of safety for women.The confidence students gain through such safe interactions can prepare them for a great career.

Campus Life

The collegial atmosphere instils a sense of community and pride among students. In addition, students have an easier time getting the support they need to succeed in their chosen field.

Student Engagement

Greater involvement means that students are generally more motivated and engaged at women’s colleges, Inter-collegiate sports, and other activities.

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3 Easy Stepping Stones for Students


    The College has a consistent placement record of students in various sectors like, Information Technology, Banking and Financial, Life Science, Manufacturing, Advertising agencies, BPOs, KPOs, NGOs etc.


    Students of the MWC who are Eligible under the following categories may apply for the Scholarship in person in the College. eligible Students may Log on to www.scholarship.gov.in to avail the scholarship.

  • Plethora of Knowledge

    MWC has a wide array of courses to choose from. The research and design based courses both job-oriented and need-based,facilitate effective learning and promote smooth functioning among departments.