Rotaract Club

Rotaract Club of our institution works under the guidance of Rotaract club of Chennai Bharati, as an extracurricular activity for college students. Rotaract Club holds official meetings, cultural events, discussions, and community visits. Weekends are used by Rotaractors for service projects, social gatherings, and professional and leadership development programmes. The Rotaract Club organises regional conferences, regional projects, club leadership training programmes, and unique events to improve the relationship between members and local communities.

Sports Club

The Sports Club of our institution provides plenteous opportunities to participate in National, State and District level events and to prove the sport-skill of the students. Annual Sports meet is conducted every year to bring out the sport talent of the students who are trained by well qualified physical educators.

Fine Arts and Cultural Committee

Fine Arts and Cultural Committee of our college provides opportunity to the culturally interested students to explore their talents through cultural events and competitions. The committee provides platforms to the students in music, dance and theatre for the growth in confidence through artistic expression by igniting their creativity andoriginality and evolve into better thinking and creative beings.

Entrepreneurship Development (ED) Cell

The College has established a fully fledged Entrepreneurship Development Cell that fosters the culture of entrepreneurship among female students and motivate them to become entrepreneurs. Seminars, workshops, industrial visits, food festivals and interactions with young entrepreneurs are all part of the ED Cell's awareness campaigns. These programmes are designed to increase the student community's enthusiasm for entrepreneurial engagement.

Eco Club

To address environmental challenges in our community, the college has formed an Eco club, which encourages students to participate in meaningful environmental activities and initiatives. It provides a venue for students to influence and involve their local communities in order to encourage responsible environmental behaviour. It allows students to go beyond the limitations of a syllabus or curriculum to investigate environmental concepts and behaviours.

Citizen Consumer Club

Citizen Consumer Club is a consumer forum of the Tamil Nadu government's Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department. Our college's Citizen Consumer Club focuses on motivating consumer groups as well as raising awareness among students at a young age and through them, the wider public. The club teaches pupils about their fundamental rights as citizens and to make them aware of and learn about their essential duties as citizens. The students prepare for teamwork and enthusiastically assist consumers in preserving their rights and fundamental rights.

Student Council

Our college has the Student Council, where our students hold an administrative positions like President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary etc, from variousdepartments. Student council serves to engage students in learning about leadership. The council also ensures the participation of students in all activities of the college. The student council helps to share ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and institute administrative authorities. It also helps to raise funds for college level activities, including social events, community outreach programmes. The members of Student Council learn skills that are an extension of their formal education

Placement Cell

The Placement Cell acts as a platform that bridges the job industry and the students. The Cell facilitates and organises campus recruitment drives for full-time job offers across various sectors. In addition, counselling is offered to students, regarding placements and higher education. The cell also organises leadership and training programmes for the UG/PG final year students.

Women Empowerment Cell (WEC)

Women Empowerment Cell of Mahalashmi Women’s College of Arts and Science is a recently established platform functioning with the motto ‘towards empowerment and upliftment of women students’. This exemplary forum aims at creating awareness of their rights and duties in the society. The cell, also strives for the improvement and empowerment of women students. The cell provides innumerous opportunities to the women students to identify their self- potential and their crucial role in society-building, job creation, community development, economic growth, financial independence, social empowerment, etc.,

Anti Ragging Committee

The Anti-Ragging Committee sets the tone for maintaining discipline on campus and ensures a ragging free academic environment. The Cell is also empowered to investigate complaints relating to student indiscipline, disturbances, unlawful activities disrupting the peaceful functioning of the College, and other forms of indiscipline among students.

Grievance Redressal Committee

The Grievance Redressal Committee of the college functions to resolve grievances or complaints raised by individuals or groups. The primary purpose is to provide a fair and impartial platform for the individuals to express their concerns and seek resolution for any perceived injustice, violation or dissatisfaction in learning environment.