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Department Of Microbiology


“Microbiology is aimed at studying the diversity and activity of microorganisms in their natural environment, their mutual interactions and their survival and adaptation strategies. The research is focused on the microbial ecology of various surroundings.”

Scope and Aim

  • To impart up to date knowledge in bacteriology, virology, immunology, parasitology, mycology and molecular biology and also the essentials of medical statistics and epidemiology;
  • To teach laboratory skills in the above disciplines at the university and at affiliated places of learning;
  • To encourage research culture and activity;
  • To improve communication and English language skills by means of journal reading, presentations, seminars and discussions;
  • To promote application of knowledge and skills to community and clinical medicine;
  • To integrate the knowledge of microbiology with related disciplines;

Career Opportunities

They provide bright career in the fields of computer and I.T for B.Sc(C.S) graduates

  • Microbiologists can work in the area of food, pharmacy, agrochemistry biotechnology, biorefinery, environment, pollution control and bioremediation.
  • In the field of agriculture, microbiologists act as environmental and health specialists to study the role of microbes in plant disease, pest control, nutrition and soil fertility.
  • Microbiology gives you the opportunity to work at science laboratories and pathology labs.
  • In the field of medicine and health care, the work is usually associated with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of illnesses associated with microbes.
  • Universities and colleges employ microbiologists as researchers and teachers.


• SCIENCE CLUB Includes sharing knowledge, Experimental session, Discussion on recent trends in biology, Recent invention, Scientific Publication and Research Ideas.
• ERUDITE CLUB Includes Motivational programme, Path Decision, Carrier oriented Programme, IT applications in day to day life

Held on : 07.08.19
Time : 11.00 am
Venue : Auditorium


Held on : 30.07.19
Time : 12.30 pm

Programme Includes:

• Scope of Microbiology
• Laboratory procedures
• Different Fields of Microbiology and Job opportunities
• Do’s and Don’ts in Microbiology

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